Air Sniper Overview

How Air Sniper Works

I am so very impressed with the benefits of having the units in the house. We have seen marked improvements in air quality and a positive impact that has on our general health and how we feel. The improvements are tangible.

-Layne Pitman


Addition of Touchscreen and Software to AIR Products
November 14, 2018

AIR has designed custom software to monitor all AIR products in your facility. The software includes features such as the ability to group units together, know how many cubic feet per month have been cleaned, monitor bulb life and know when the pre-filter needs to be changed, and when it is time to service each unit. The touchscreen allows for straightforward access when performing maintenance and allows uncomplicated manual monitoring. The software is customizable to your needs and units. For further information do not hesitate to contact one of the AIR representatives.

MJBizCon Las Vegas
November 7, 2018

AIR will be part of the MJBizCon expo in Las Vegas Nevada from November 14 to 16, 2018. AIR will have a booth featuring new products designed with cannabis in mind. Come visit us at the expo to discuss our products with AIR professionals and learn about how AIR can benefit your grow.

New Product Launch: The Ultra
October 31, 2018

AIR is excited to introduce another new product! We have been working diligently to design another new AIR product, the Ultra. The Ultra can be used on its own, or alongside the Inflow to remove volatile organic compounds from the air that may be damaging to your grow. The Ultra includes features such as automatic lamp and filter detection, Wi-Fi enabled remote monitoring, a touch screen for maintenance, and manual monitoring. Contact one of our sales representatives to purchase an Ultra for your grow.

New Product Launch: The Inflow
October 24, 2018

AIR has designed and built a new product that is valuable to cannabis growers. The Inflow unit fits in the bulkhead of the HVAC system to destroy 99% of pathogens in the air that could be harmful to your grow. The Inflow includes features such as a touchscreen control panel, 30 ultra high intensity UVC lamps (540 watts), and Wi-Fi enabled remote monitoring. Contact one of our sales representatives install an Inflow in your grow.

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