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Alpine Innovative Research Signs Deal With NexTech AR Solutions
August 21, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with NexTech AR Solutions. The use of AR will assist in communicating to our customers how Air Sniper Equipment integrates into their facility. We see AR as an effective tool for our clients and their experience with Air Sniper equipment.

Click the link below to read the full press release from NexTech.

The Importance of Proximity and Intensity When Irradiating Pathogens
August 7, 2019

Intensity plays a role in the effective irradiation of airborne contaminants. Due to the size of certain microorganisms they require higher doses of UVC to become inert. The Inverse square law states that light is less effective the farther away from the source. We have designed all our products to maximize the intensity inside the unit by using multiple UVC bulbs in a small space. The use of multiple bulbs ensures proper intensity is provided to irradiate both small and large microorganisms.

Why UVC LED Bulbs are Not Yet a Substitute for Traditional UVC Bulbs
July 31, 2019

AIR is focused on providing innovative technology using only the highest-quality materials. UVC LED bulbs have potential to be a substitute for traditional mercury UVC bulbs however, they still have many drawbacks. LED bulbs lack the equivalent intensity of traditional mercury bulbs. This becomes an issue when using them to irradiate pathogens as intensity plays a critical role. Approximately 50 UVC LED bulbs are required to provide the same intensity as a single 36-watt mercury UVC bulb. Overheating is also an issue with the UVC LED bulbs as they are only able to convert approximately 5% of the input into light. The other 95% is converted to heat. This heat must be quickly removed to keep the bulb below the maximum operating temperature and prevent failure. The drawbacks that occur with the use of UVC LED bulbs prevent effective use of the technology currently. Read the full article here:

The Use of PCO Elements
July 24, 2019

The use of Photocatalytic Oxidation is a technology developed by NASA. This technology is incorporated into our stand-alone units to maximize irradiation inside the unit. Patented PCO elements create an effect within the unit that assists the UVC in irradiating 99.9% of pathogens on the first pass. Multiple PCO elements inside each unit are composed of a stainless-steel weave with anatase titanium dioxide to assist the UVC bulbs in the destruction of pathogens. PCO elements are used inside the stand-alone units as there is less dwell time compared to the in-line units. The use of this technology combined with multiple UVC bulbs ensures maximum irradiation of pathogens is achieved when inside your facility.

Why is Dwell Time Important?
July 17, 2019

Dwell time plays a critical role in the effective irradiation of pathogens. Larger microorganisms require longer exposure to UVC for them to be successfully irradiated. If the Dwell time inside the equipment it too short, pathogens can remain active and cause potential contamination. Air Sniper equipment has been designed to generate proper dwell time using multiple UVGI chambers inside the stand-alone units and patented air tubulation ramps inside the in-line units. The chambers and tubulation ramps force the pathogens present in the air to pass the UVC bulbs multiple times leaving the air exiting the unit with 99.9% of pathogens irradiated on the first pass.

New Product: The Front Access Inflow 10/20
July 10, 2019

AIR introduces a new product! Meet the Front Access Inflow 10/20. The Front Access Inflow was designed for facilities that have a smaller HVAC units and limited space. The Front Access Inflow is composed of the same reflective material and UVC bulbs but on a smaller scale. The Front Access Inflow has one front panel where all the bulbs can be accessed making maintenance easier when space is tight.  The Front Access Inflow is also suitable for residential HVAC systems to clean all air entering your home. Contact us to learn more about the brand-new Front Access Inflow!

FDA Declares Ozone Ineffective in a Concentration Safe for Humans and Animals
July 3, 2019

The FDA released a statement regarding the use of ozone as a germicide. The statement explains that ozone can be an effective germicide but requires a concentration that is unsafe for humans and animals. This statement by the FDA further emphasizes the harmful effects of the use of ozone inside a facility. Read the full statement here:

AIR Attends Lift & Co in Toronto
June 26, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who came by our booth at the show to learn about our products as well as our clients who made the effort to come see us at our booth. We are proud to provide our customers with only the best solutions. The show was also the first time customers were able to see our new product the Underflow. The Underflow was designed to maintain airflow and eliminate the need for large fans underneath. We are excited to offer another innovative product to our customers. If you didn’t get a chance to visit us in Toronto, we will be at the MJBizCon Las Vegas show in December!

Why Air Sniper Equipment Does Not Use HEPA Filters
June 19, 2019

There are many air sanitization units that use HEPA filters. HEPA filters capture pathogens rather than kill them. HEPA filters are not cost effective as one unit can include multiple filters that require frequent replacement. This is not a practical solution for facilities if there are many units installed within the facility. The removal of dirty HEPA filters from the units may spread contaminants throughout the rooms as the pathogens are still active and able to disperse back into the air.

Ultimate Solutions for Your Grow
June 12, 2019

Air Sniper offers complete solutions for your facility. Each solution is customizable for specific client needs while providing ultimate protection from contamination.

Stand-alone solution – This solution incorporates the use of the Air Sniper Pro, Elite, or Ultra to be installed in grow rooms, trim rooms, processing rooms or other areas where contaminants are present.

Inline and wall mounted solution – This solution incorporates both Air Sniper In-line equipment and the Air Sniper stand-alone equipment. The combination of the stand-alone and in-line units ensures that the incoming air in the HVAC is cleaned before entering the facility as well as the air inside rooms where wall-mounted units have been installed.

In-line, Wall-mounted, and induct solution – This solution ensures that every area of your HVAC and rooms is pathogen free. The addition of the induct units ensure that the coils in the HVAC are bacteria free.

Important Characteristics for Optimal UV Sanitization
June 5, 2019

AIR engineers used their extensive knowledge of UV technology to ensure our products are effective at irradiating pathogens.

Reflectivity – UV is not reflective in the same way that light is reflective. This means that UV reflective material is required within the units to ensure irradiation of pathogens.

Proximity – To achieve maximum irradiation of pathogens the UV bulbs must be near the air passing through. If the bulbs are not within proximity to the pathogens, maximum irradiation will not be achieved.

Dwell time – Dwell time is required to sufficiently irradiate pathogens passing through the unit. If adequate dwell time is not present many pathogens will remain active after exiting the unit resulting in possible contamination.

AIR Attends Lift & Co Toronto June 7 to 9, 2019
May 29, 2019

AIR is excited to exhibit at Lift & Co Toronto in June! Visit booth 1141 to see our in-line units, stand-alone units, dashboard system, as well as a new product! Be the first to check them out before anyone else!

Equipment Calculator Coming Soon!
May 22, 2019

AIR is currently developing an equipment calculator! Website visitors enter dimensions of the rooms they are interested in installing Air Sniper equipment and the calculator provides an equipment recommendation.

Don’t Let Contamination Kill Your Crops
May 15, 2019

New facilities often have a lower risk for contamination due to the unused materials. As more crops are grown the rooms become more susceptible to airborne contaminants. Air Sniper ensures contaminants are never present in your facility. Don’t wait until a crop is lost!

Not enough room in your HVAC for in-line units?
May 8, 2019

Air Sniper offers a variety of air sanitization solutions to meet the needs of every facility. We understand that an in-line solution may not be suitable for some facilities due to limited space or unique design of the HVAC. AIR offers three different sizes of small and mighty wall-mounted solutions to kill airborne pathogens before they contaminate your crops.

Air Sniper Plug & Play Design
May 1, 2019

All Air Sniper units have been designed as a plug & play system. This allows easy installation as further electrical work is not required. The plug & play system also allows the location of the units to be changed with ease if required.

Air Sniper conducts further third-party testing
April 17, 2019

Air Sniper conducts further third-party testing while operating within a licensed production facility. The room where the equipment was installed had previously tested positive for microbials. The results of the tests after the Air Sniper units were installed confirmed that the Air Sniper Ultra had successfully removed 100% of the microbials previously present in the room. For a full list of test results please contact us.

Integrate Air Sniper dashboard system with your facility software
April 10, 2019

Have you heard of our dashboard system? The Air Sniper dashboard system allows users to manage and control all air sniper equipment from a phone or computer. The cloud-based system can be integrated into the management system or to run separately.  Just another reason to #saveyourgrow with Air Sniper.

Why you should install Air Sniper units inside your drying and processing rooms.
April 3, 2019

We understand the importance of installing equipment in your facility that is effective. Air Sniper units have been proven to be effective in all areas of a facility.  Try one of our wall-hanging units in your drying or processing rooms and see the difference for yourself. We offer three different wall-hanging units to suit your rooms and ensure the air is properly cleaned.

Cannabis Recalls in Canada
March 27, 2019

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada in October 2018 there have been several recalls due to product contaminated with mold. Crop contamination can hurt a grower’s reputation and have negative impacts on their financial situation. Many growers believe that crop contamination is something that won’t affect their crop and don’t purchase proper equipment until they have lost a crop. With the cannabis supply shortages, it is vital to provide the highest quality product possible. We have designed a solution to ensure crop contamination does not affect growers and their business.

Read the full article here:

Coming soon: Airflow solution
March 20, 2019

Air Sniper is currently developing and testing an airflow solution to assist in pushing air from underneath grow tables. This solution will help keep the air inside grow rooms cleaner and keep plants free of mold, mildew, and bacteria. We are committed to providing our customers with effective and innovative air sanitization solutions. Contact us to find out when you can install an airflow solution in your facility.

Areas we recommend installations
March 13, 2019

Air Sniper units can be used throughout the facility not just in grow rooms. We know that your grow is important to you so why not clean the air it grows in? Airborne pathogens can contaminate your plants and result in a wasted crop. Some areas we recommend installations within the facility are: Grow rooms, HVAC systems, Drying rooms, Processing rooms, Hallways, and packaging areas. We work closely with the facility engineers and HVAC team to create a solution that is suitable for the needs and challenges of the space. Contact us today to receive a complimentary solution design for your grow.

The benefits of installing Air Sniper units in your facility.
March 6, 2019

Losing a crop to contaminants can negatively impact a facility’s finances and reputation. This can take months to recover from. Air Sniper equipment offers a form of insurance for your grow. Our equipment provides ultimate protection against mold, bacteria, and powdery mildew 24/7 so growers can produce the best product possible. We have designed our products to be low maintenance and are built with durable materials that do not require replacement. Air Sniper equipment does not require additional electrical work making installations easy and cost efficient. All Air Sniper units have long service intervals that can be completed by members of the facility with no need to hire a company representative.

Visit Our YouTube channel for all your maintenance needs!
February 27, 2019

Air Sniper has launched a YouTube Channel! On this channel viewers will find videos for each unit that explain how to conduct filter changes, bulb changes, cleaning and more! Learn how to us our Dashboard system, touchscreens, and see what our products can do. Follow our other social media pages for new product updates, special offers, and events Air Sniper will be attending!

Proposed changes to the cannabis act
February 20, 2019

The government of Canada has recently released its proposed changes to the regulations under the Cannabis Act. These regulations include changes to the air quality requirements within cultivation facilities. The proposed requirements under the good production practices are: Building on existing air filtration requirements to prevent the escape of odours, there would be a new requirement to have a ventilation system that provides clean air and removes unclean air that may have a negative impact on the cannabis or ingredients. These measures, which would apply to both licensed cultivators and processors, are intended to prevent contamination, and are consistent with measures under the SFCR. Ensure your facility is compliant with the new regulations by installing Air Sniper equipment. * A full list of the amendments can be found here: